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What's the story on Operation Cable Splicer/Garden Plot/Rex 84?

I heard about these supposed prisons and internment camps going up secretly across the US, and did a bit of googling. It seems that this was a lot of McCarthy/Regan Era scaremongering by creating mass holding prisons where dissedents could be rounded up and held. Searching for these programs finds me "eyewhitness" testimony and photographs of these holding prisons, but on the same page, they mention the Freemasons and the New World Order.

So what's the real story on these government plans? Is there a grain of truth to it, or is it conspiracy hokum?
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Uhhhh.. I'm going to note that if they are in fact going up "secretly" we wouldn't know about them.
I will say I've never heard of such a thing before, however perhaps the authors are just speculating that "the man" intends to use prisons constructed in recent years for "mass holding prisons where dissedents could be rounded up".
Certainly a prison would work nicely as a holding facility for political prisoners, but the burden of proof as to the *INTENT* of the establishment in creating these correctional facilities would rest upon the authors you refer to.
I would also like to remark that I'm just not seeing a substantial amount of "anti-government" activity going on that needs to be suppressed in this fashion reported in any news outlet.
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I think during the Clinton administration, the operation of these prison camps was taken over by FEMA. Here's an earlier thread on it:

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