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Who the hell sang that song "Hippie Chick"? (At least I think it was called "Hippie Chick". The chorus went "No hippie chick, no hip,hip,hip...) It sampled heavily from the Smith's "How Soon Is now" and came out circa 1991
I looked on the all mighty Allmusic guide sight but it only listed an older song with this title. Can any body help a guy with a song stuck in his head?
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I want to say DeeLite. But I'm not sure.
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I know this one!!!
I had the cassette single.It's by a group called SoHo, thought I might be wrong about the capital 'H'.
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Thank goodness Three Bunny, this had been bugging me for an hour ! I knew it wasn't Deelite - they did a similar song called "Groove Is In the Heart". Now that you say it you are right - SoHo. Sheesh thats a relief.

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Glad to help.
Sadly, I also had the single of Deelite's song, too.
Have to go look for that now...
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It was "Hippy Chick" by Soho, a Brit one-hit-wonder from around 1991.

For more details, try searching the All-Music Guide ( http://allmusic.com, I think)

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You guys have the single...I have the whole CD!

Surprisingly, it is not that bad. You frequently hear some of the songs on commercials and as background music on TV shows.
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Groove is in your heart ... Ai-yi-yi-yi -Groove is in your heart ... Ai-yi-yi-yi -Groove is in your heart ... Ai-yi-yi-yi -Groove is in your heart ... Ai-yi-yi-yi -

Great. Thanks for nothin'!

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Thanks guys! Mattk especially for nailing it first!
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OK, pardon my musical ignorance, but what is the instrument or effect or whatever that makes that grinding noise that is looped over the drum beat throughout "Hippie Chick"? It's that dense cello-type sound. Hell, it might be a cello for all I know.

It pretty much makes the song and I think it's also used in that Love Spit Love "I am human and I need to be loved" song.

Know what I'm talking about?

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Originally posted by Alphagene:

It pretty much makes the song and I think it's also used in that Love Spit Love "I am human and I need to be loved" song.

Know what I'm talking about?

No, but I think you've solved a major mystery song for ME, lol...was that the song that was covered by some group in the movie The Craft? I love that song and never knew who did it!

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The song in the craft by Love Spit Love is How Soon Is Now. I don't know if that is relavent to the discussion or not, but oddly enuff I am listening to the craft cd right now.
Didn't care for certain parts of the movie being Wiccan and all, but I love the soundtrack.

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OK, here's the deal. Way back in the mid-eighties, The Smiths recorded a song called "How Soon Is Now?", featuring a rather unusual guitar melody throughout. SoHo sampled this, slightly sped up, and used it as the backing of their song "Hippie Chicks", circa, what, 1989? 1990? When The Craft came out, in 1996, the soundtrack featured a cover of "How Soon Is Now?" done by Love Spit Love. It was a very loyal cover, and retained the melody. Incidentally, a rather amusing side note is that Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr attempted to join SoHo on stage at one performance, and SoHo responded by trying to get him arrested. That sort of thing really makes me feel bad for him, you know? I mean, Johnny Marr is human and he needs to be loved... just like everybody else does...

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The og is better than the cover. You can hear that in the Wedding Singer.
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to the warbling wowing of that riff.
I love that song.

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