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Appropriate gifts for blind friends or family

I want to buy the perfect birthday gift for a great aunt that is in her 80's and has been blind for many years. Obviously, nick-nacks and other typical gifts for older persons just won't cut it. I have thought of the following, so far: wind chimes, a comforter for her bed, or maybe a portable cd player. Any other ideas out there?
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What about a multi-thousand dollar surgery to fix her blindness?
Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon?
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perfume, books on tape, lotions, a soft downey pillow, new sheets, braille books, crochet hook and yarn
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Shemem took my suggestion. Find out if she liked to read before she lost her site, and the type of stuff she was interested in. If she likes them, then you have a good idea for future birthdays and Christmas too.
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Music, food, incense, a trip to the park to hear the birds sing at sunset, a warm blanket for winter, some fleece lined slippers. Toss in some really fragrant flowers like yellow Fresia for a kicker,
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Thanks for all the great ideas.....
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Take her some place.

Blind folks, particularly elderly blind folks, often don't get out much. She might really appreciate a walk in the park, a trip to a zoo, a meal in a restaurant, a trip to a mall...

She might even enjoy a ride in a convertible with the top down in nice weather, feeling the breeze and listening to stuff as you go through the neighborhood.

Depends, of course, on the person - someone really frail may not enjoy the above, or may need a wheelchair if they can't walk a long distance. But blind people do have a harder time traveling around than sighted people, so helping her with that sort of thing would probably be much appreciated.
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Originally posted by Big Tom
Obviously, nick-nacks and other typical gifts for older persons just won't cut it.
I'm not sure I agree with this. I have a close friend who has been blind since birth. He really likes those little pewter figurines you see at craft and hobby shops (and is particularly fond of wizards and such). He likes them because they have interesting textural details, and he can "visualize" them through touch.
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Asked a friend for their favourite shopping sites and got these three. You might want to take a look.
Mainly novelty stuff, but some of the stuff seems useful, for example audio alarms for when your plants need water etc. If she is 80 she probably has a system for this already though.
Has a lot of stuff, some of the board games might be good?
Lots more stuff, plenty of games and also home-help items.
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