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Go pound salt

Where did the phrase "go pound salt" originate? I can't find a reference to it on the internet and the phrase book I have doesn't mention it. Will someone please point me in the right direction or should I just "go pound salt"?
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You're familiar with the fuller form of the phrase?
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I don't know the answer to your question, but I've always been told to 'go pound sand', not 'go pound salt'.

Google had 1300 hits for 'go pound sand', but only 436 hits for 'go pound salt'. I would assume that the latter is probably derived from the former.
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What is the fuller phrase? If it is another form of "doesn't have enough sense to pound sand in a rathole" then I have my answer. But why would the word sand be replaced with salt? Did/do people pound salt down a rathole?
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The complete phrase is 'go pound sand up your ass' or 'go pound sand up you ass with a mallett'.
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Ok, so it's a stupid phrase, but where did it come from? Are we talking about two different phrases here or yet another variation?
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At least give a cite.

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