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What does it mean to 'Donkey Punch' someone?

I've heard this term used before, can't remember if it was in song lyrics or a TV show, but what exactly is a donkey punch?
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Apparently from those who brought you the "Dirty Sanchez"... a Donkey Punch is when, right before orgasm, the man punches the girl in the back of the head in order to cause her to tighten all cavities and thrash about in a supposedly enjoyable manner.
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This is mostly the kind of definition Google turns up. I really hope nobody actually does this.
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It's used in some extreme BDSM circles to refer to the practice of punching someone in the back of the head during doggy-style intercourse.

I read this in The Encyclopedia Of Unusual Sex Practices many moons ago.
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To punch a girl in the back of the head during doggystyle intercourse.

Just google it.
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And if you want to elaborate on the subject, donkey punching someone while yelling out "Who's the boss?!" is known in some circles as a Tony Danza.

25k a year, and this is what I'm learning in college.

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The sad thing is that the maneuver in question will not create the desired effect. Sphincter muscles do not automatically tighten up appreciably when severely hurt or knocked unconscious.

And by sad, I don't mean that it's unfortunate it doesn't work, but sad that morons believe this and might try it.

If you wanted tightened sphincters... just ask.
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Sick, sick, sick.
Hour after hour, day after day, we paddled and sang and slept under the hot sun on the northern ocean, wanting never to return.
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Asked and answered.

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