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what pen to use to sign a credit card

I always feel that my signature on the back of my credit and ATM cards is not an accurate representation of my real signature. It's very difficult to write on plastic and a ballpoint pen barely shows up because it can't press into the surface the way it presses into paper. Felt tip pens smudge on the plastic surface.
So. . . what is the best kind of pen to use to sign the back of a credit card?
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fine tip sharpie?
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uni-ball Gel Grip Pen
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Ugh. Do NOT buy the Sanford Uniball Gel Grips. They were the worst pens I ever owned. The ink frequently stopped flowing for no apparent reason, and when the ink DID flow, it usually ran out far too quickly, meaning I needed a new pen practically every week. I tossed all of them after one semester.

Besides, I find that most gel inks just wipe right off the little strip on the backs of credit cards. Sapphy is right on: use a super-fine tip Sharpie. Signature will look good, and it won't rub off.
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Well I do not sign my credit cards.

If you go to the bank they have a pen specifically for cards that will not rub off.

I write "See ID"

That way they ask for my license and its double confirmation that it's me.
Old 09-28-2003, 01:17 AM
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Originally posted by Kieras
Well I do not sign my credit cards.


I write "See ID"

That way they ask for my license and its double confirmation that it's me.
A handy thread for you: Should You Sign the Backs of your credit cards?

It also contains links to more threads which discuss the matter further.
Old 09-28-2003, 01:46 AM
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I agree, sign your name and use the finest tip Sharpie to do so.

In addition, I've been putting a thin strip of the "magic" style of Scotch Tape over the signature strip, because I've noticed that it was rubbing all the way off -- not just smearing but actually rubbing away from the card entirely. This was especially true of the cards like my debit card and Amex which I use frequently in ATMs and for pay-at-the-pump gasoline. Not only did that make my signature illegible, it was rubbing away the new 3 digit security ID that the cardmakers are putting on the strip that you frequently need when making purchases online or by phone.
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Well I never have to use the Post Office because of where I work and that is the first time I have heard of that.

But on the other hand my bank is the one that recommended it after I had to have one card replaced because hackers had my card.

I still recommend that people do it. However, if you're not comfortable with it you can consult your financial institution.
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I just bought a fine-tip Sharpie in hopes of solving this problem and it smudged just like other pens. Disappointing.
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You need that permanent sharpie they sell in computer shops to write on CDs.

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The signature on your card doesn't matter. Do you think the cash register person is some sort of hand writing expert? The signature isn't there to confirm your ID rather it shows proof that you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the credit card.
If you present a card that says "See ID" it should not be accepted by the merchant.
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I use a black fine-tip Sharpie. It seems to last the longest.
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Micron Graphic pigment marker -- an art/drafting pen with permanent ink. But a conventional ballpoint with the permanent ink (not the waterbased kind) has worked for me too.
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