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What is a chuckwagon sandwich?

I'm sitting here enjoying a chuckwagon biscuit that one of my coworkers bought at a local grocery store deli.

I have eaten this "meat" since I was a child, it being a regular on the elementary school menus, and a staple at any small town deli or diner in the South.

I finally wonder: What the heck is this stuff?

A brief Google search turns up nil.
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It's beef - a breaded hamburger patty or cube steak.
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Chuckwagon sandwich? This Southerner's never heard of it. Sounds good, though.
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Gamahuche. Does the meat resemble the breaded hamburger patty/cube steak that yabob suggested, or does it resemble the end-result of a pot roast--chuckroast or any such stringy beef, cooked over moist heat for a long time?
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It is a breaded, processed patty, but the meat is whitish, resembling processed chicken.
The flavor is rather indeterminate, hence my question.
Tasty, though.
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I've always assumed it's an even nastier mass produced chicken fried steak type thing.

I hate them.
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