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Computer Question: deselecting those little bubbles

I'm busy working on an online college application, and I came to a question I shouldn't have answered, but did so anyway.

There are two options, and instead of yes or no boxes, they use those little bubbles, so just clicking on the one you already clicked on doesn't do you any good.

Does anyone know how to completely deselect those types of bubbles?
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Simple: you can't. The mechanism that they operate on doesn't include a method for clearing all of the buttons once one (or more) of them have been selected. To be honest, if you managed to convince your computer to deselect them all the program that reads them would probably pretend you selected one or the other of them regardless.

The program is giving you all of the options that it was designed to. If the designers had wanted to allow you a 'no answer' option, it would have been planned for and there would have been a radio box for it. As they didn't, there's not much you can do about it.
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The proper name for these "bubbles" is radio buttons. They work like the station selector buttons on your radio, in that when you select one of them, all of the others are automatically unselected, but one of them is always selected. These are used for selections where the question requires a value, but only one value may be chosen.

If they wanted to allow no answer, they would have put a series of check boxes, where all, some or none could be checked.
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If the radio buttons were initially empty, you can clear them by refreshing your browser. If they were not, then there is no way to deselect them.

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