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Bubble bath in a whirlpool tub?

Can anyone give me the SD on whether I should avoid using bubblebath (and other bath-related products) in my whirlpool tub? Is it possible that such products will erode the jets or the tubing inside the tub? Am I just too cautious?

I am a new homeowner and my roommate/tennant wants to use the tub. I know that the jets should be covered by more than an inch before the whirlpool feature is turned on. Any other rules? Should I have any other concerns?
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Well ... I don't have a whirlpool tub myself, but when we rent a chalet up north, the room we get does. They give you a sheet of paper with all of the hotel/room rules (how to dial out, what time to check out etc). They SPECIFICALLY say not to use bath oils, bath salts nor bubble bath in the jacuzzi. They even said that if we were caught doing that (don't know how they would catch us, but anyway) we would be charged a significant amount (can't remember how much, but enough that you take it seriously).

So I would bet it's not good to do that. I just don't know why.
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Not because of the corrosive effects, but because of the serious mess you'll make. Trust me on this one, I've done it. There's a picture of me somewhere standing in bubbles up to my knees when my wife and I put bubble bath in the jetted tub. And it didn't seem like very much at the time.
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A friend of mine with a jacuzzi has told me that she gets a special bubble bath that is jacuzzi safe at Home Depot.
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Maybe I'm bad, but I do it. When I take a bath I usually fill it with plain, hot water first and sit around with the jets and bubbles on. After I get tired of that, I pour in bubble bath and give it a quick burst of the bubbles, and then turn it off. After my suds go away, a quick run of the pumps will bring them back again. I don't run it continuously when I have bubble bath in the water, but I do run it for short periods of time. Nothing has clogged, but I have read that the soaps can get moldy in the lines and spit out black yucky stuff. My tub (a Jacuzzi brand) recommends running dishwasher soap through it when and if this happens.
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I did it once too in an 8 person jacuzzi. Didn't really hurt the tub much, at least that I know of, but I had soap everywhere, and took forever to get rid of it. Drain, flush, refill, turn it on and I had suds again. The filters clogged a lot faster, plus it was hell getting the chemicals right.

I don't know if the whirlpool bathtubs are different though. I would assume that they are since most people are going to use soap in a bathtub.
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I think the aggitation will only make more bubbles. Whenever I was little, my mom would always wave her hand in the water when she made me a bubble bath, and that would make the bubbles multiply.

So you'd probably have suds EVERYWHERE.
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Originally posted by Guinastasia

So you'd probably have suds EVERYWHERE.
You do, I made the mistake of trying this once.

Also, for further reference, do NOT put sink dishsoap in a dishwasher, unless you're filming some sort of "I Love Lucy" re-enactment.
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I remember after my SO and I were married, we got a hotel room with a hot tub in it. A lot of my family was in town for the festivities, so we had a little party in our room. Well, my little sister decided to pour shampoo in the hot tub. It ended up taking us a few hours of the night to clean up the mess. It was crazy with the soap suds everywhere. I guess I learned a lesson because of that, I would never do it again.
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We used to do that! It was great. It didn't seem to damage the tub, either. Just be sure to do it in a bathtub with jets, NOT some sort of hot tub where the water isn't drained after every use. Add a very small amount of bubble stuff and turn on the jets, and the bubbles will just keep growing and growing and growing... If you get too many, just TURN THE JETS OFF, and they'll melt away. Never, ever leave the tub unattended with the jets on.
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