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What is "hooping"? (Drug Reference)

I overheard some people talking the other day about how they preferred "hooping" Esctasy and Speed.

What exactly is hooping? And why would someone do it?
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drugs 101
We've all done it. Or at least we know someone who has. Hooping (taking your ecstasy, crystal, or whatever up the ass) can also do damage to the tissues around your ass-so if sex is part of what happens when you get high and you hoop your dope, keep in mind the inflammation associated with this damage can increase your risk of HIV (and other STIs) transmission.
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Next Question: WHY? For the love of God, why?
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Holy crap! So to speak...

OK, I did know one person who admitted he did this. But I didn't believe him. He ended up in the hospital with a perforation and a colostomy. Nasty.
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Originally posted by Matchka
Next Question: WHY?
It's a kick in the ass?
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The big thing is that it absorbs more slowly, leading to a prolonged high. And if people REALLY don't like swallowing pills...
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We've all done it. Or at least we know someone who has.
Ahem, Riiiiight...

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