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What does this highway sign mean?

I was driving along I-90 between Buffalo, Ny and Cleveland, OH when I say these signs along the highway and I have no clue as to what they mean.

The sign looks like a "NO PARKING" sign except instead of a "P"
with the red slash of forboding there are the letters "HC"
What is this "HC" and why is it forbidden?

Help before I yank out my hair!


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IIRC, HC = highly combustible. I've seen these signs before tunnels where trucks carrying combustible materials are not permitted to enter.
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No Hazardous Cargo.
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I believe it means No Hazardous Cargo.
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From here:
No 'HC' and 'HC' signs are comon practice in Ohio cities prohibiting or allowing trucks with hazardous materials on specific highways.
Stands for "Hazardous Chemicals".
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*sigh* Or "Hazardous Cargo". Sorry, I'm posting while waiting to catch a plane home.
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