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Super Bowl Party - Any ideas for gambling games?

I am looking fresh ideas for Super-bowl games as I am in charge of a party at my club. I have got the ever-present 10 x 10 grid of superbowl squares.

I have "A pick the final score" pool:
Winner is determined by summing of the difference between the final scores.
For instance if the Eagle were playing the Patriots and the Final score was
Eagles 34 - Patriots 24 and you picked Eagles 27 and the Patriots 21,
you missed the final score by a total of 10 points (34-27) + (24-21)
Whoever comes the closest wins the pot. If two or more people tie,
a tiebreaker will be the halftime score, determined similarly.

There is also a total number of points pool:
Closest to the actual total points wins and the the tiebreaker again would the the halftime score.

Anybody got other ideas?
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Everyone pays $x to draw a number from a hat. The hat has numbers 0 through 9. The winner is the number that matches the last digit of the total scores added at the end of the game (i.e. final scores: 17 + 14 = 31, 1 wins). Or you could pay by the half or quarter total score.

You could do a similar draw with "difference of win". The winning number is the last digit of the difference of the final scores (i.e. final scores: 17 - 14 = 3, 3 wins).

If you have multiple pools, like we ALWAYS did, make sure you put some kind of identifying mark on the numbers drawn so you can identify which pool they belong to. Like P1T for pool 1 total, P2T for pool 2 total, P1D for pool 1 difference, etc.

A couple minutes after each pool has been drawn, ask if there needs to be another draw, make sure everyone gets all the draws they want
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Punt, touchdown, or field goal If a team reaches its own 40, player A bets player B that the offense will eventually punt, kick a field goal, or score a touchdown. If player A guesses correctly, he gets paid 1 1 for punt and field goal and 2 1 for touchdown. If player A guesses incorrectly, he pays player B. The next time a team reaches its 40, player B gets to choose. Normally, this is done with two guys and with cash in hand. So people have to bring cash to play. If more than two people want to play, you can pair everyone up and play as teams.

The square pool is usually enough. Most people will end up paying attention to that at the end of each quarter, and that will ruin any other pool that is supposed to be going on at the same time. Plus, the more pools you have, the more pools you have to run during the game. This usually means no fun for you.
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