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What does "sultry" mean to a woman?-- a Q for Lady Dopers

Merriam-Webster defines it as,

2 a : hot with passion or anger b : exciting or capable of exciting strong sexual desire <sultry glances>
See I can always picture what this term means to a guy (when using it to describe a girl); it's almost a gypsy-like look: curls in the hair; large, oval eyes that are slightly pulled away at the sides; very curvaceous and voluptous type of body etc.etc.

Of course this term varies enormously from guy to guy. But as a generalisation (and though I realise people have gotten into trouble over these in the past), I think that if you described a girl with the above qualities most guys could identify them with the term "sultry". Like Esmerelda from Hunchback of Notre Dame (at least the cartoon version). Or Claire Forlani (in the right light).

But if I had to describe what women would think of as sultry in a man I'm totally stumped. What is it? Dark hair? Muscular chest? Hairy eyebrows? I mean what does the word "sultry" mean to a woman?

-- As well as listing certain celebrities and public figures, it would help if you gave specific reasons what it was about them that made you think, "god, he's pretty sultry" e.g. has a deep voice etc. --
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Lookswise, I would never describe a man as sultry.

I used to date a guy who had this incredibly sexy baritone -- nope, that wasn't sultry either, just sexy.

IMHO, "sultry" describes women only.
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I find the word "sultry" pretty ridiculous when used in reference to the physical appearance of men and women. It sounds too trashy-romance-novel-esque. I reserve it to describe the weather - "sultry heat."
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Three men who approach sultriness: Rudolph Valentino, Omar Sharif, Johnny Depp. All have the same physical characteristics - lean in body, olive complected, hooded eyes, dark hair, those lips - and ooze sensuality. Capable of great passion, not with a white heat, but smoldering. Confident, seductive and just a little too smooth. I find them fascinating and a bit repulsive at the same time.
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To me, as a woman, women who epitomise sultriness are the actresses Monica Bellucci and Catherine Zeta Jones.

I'd never describe a man as sultry. He could throw me a sultry look, (long, hot, sexy), but I can't imagine thinking of a man's appearance as sultry, and finding it attractive.

BTW, I don't think blondes can be sultry, and I'm pretty sure full lips and dark eyes are a prerequisite.

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