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How credible (as a news source) is

I found these three articles from another message board that I frequent. I was just wondering if The Mirror was a credible news source or something more along the lines of a tabloid paper.
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It's a tabloid - but perhaps the most credible of them. It took a very strong anti-war stance over Iraq, and has a left-wing tradition. There's a fair bit of debate among various newspapers over how credible these stories are, with suggestions that the big fat cheque encouraged the guys to make exaggerated or false allegations.
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Like all of our 'red top' tabloids, the Mirror is just mindless tabloid scum masquerading as a newspaper. Credible? None whatsoever. They'll print whatever their paymasters tell them to, and the rest is just pin-up girls and stories about non-celebs from soap operas.
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Thanks for the heads-up, GorillaMan and ianzin. Those stories did seem kind of sensationalist to me, but I just wanted to be sure.
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The Mirror is a low-brow tabloid with strong socialist and statist leanings though stronger on the socialist side.
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