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Who really did the funky 80's song "White Horse."

That song got into my head lately (If you wanna ride, ride the white horse). For some reason I never knew just who did that song. I did a little web search and found it was from a group called "laid back." Another web site says it is from the Gap Band. Now I feel no need to provide links, since I am not defending anything, but it is not unknown for performers or groups to do stuff under a pseudonym.

So tell me what you know about this funky slop.
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I remember only the "Laid Back" version. IIRC, they were a Dutch or German group, unlike the Gap Band.
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You pulled THAT one outta your butt, Road Rash! Whoa... haven't heard that in years.
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The All Music Guide says the song was by Laid Back. They were Dutch.

NRBQ also seems to have recorded a version.
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