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Help identify this song (from Once Upon a Time in Mexico)

Just watched the movie and I'm on a need-to-learn-guitar trip. Anyone know the name of the song he's playing in the very beginning, when Cheech is telling Depp the story? You know, when the general stands up and El takes his guitar out and starts playing, then the rest start laughing.
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Is it any of 30 second samples?
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If the song continues into the opening gunfight, it is an old Spanish acoustic guitar standard called "Malaguena," played on the soundtrack by the great Brian Setzer (on an electric guitar). I'm pretty sure it is one one of Setzer's more recent albums, perhaps "'68 Comeback Special."
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If it's not from that, maybe it's on the cd that Rodriguez did after the movies.
Try this one. I have this cd and it's great. Not all the songs were in the movie, but it might include the one you're looking for.

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