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Live lyrics to White, Discussion

I've been wondering this for years. What is that preacher-sounding guy in this song saying (it's not Ed Kowalczyk)? None of the lyric sites have these lyrics included. The points in the song that they appear are between 3:29 - 3:39, and again at the very end of the song, 4:48.

"I warned you, I prepared you, I instructed you, I told you what to expect, all the times and seasons........"

Then, "You yourselves know............ that the boat?........."

I would be ecstatic if someone could help decipher these words for me or if anyone knew a site!!! Thanks.
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According to this Live FAQ:

Q. Who's the guy that speaks during White, Discussion and what does he say?
A. From an interview with Ed back in 1995 that I read, I gathered the following: Ed was in Denver back before Throwing Copper was released and he heard this crazy guy on the radio talking about the end of the world. So, Ed decided to record it and it ended up on White, Discussion. As far as I know, the crazy guy says the following:

"I warned you, I prepared you, I instructed you, I told you what to expect.
All the time and seasons together today."
"Do yourself some service. The day of the Lord so cometh."
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"The day of the Lord so cometh" could not be correct, or I just can't see it being correct, because there is only one syllable between "That the....." and "so cometh". It sounds like "boat" to me........ what do you think?
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I've always heard "The day of the Lord so cometh" on that track.
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There is definately not enough syllables between "the" and "so cometh" for it to be "The day of the Lord so cometh". And isn't there a "that" before "the day"? I think it's "That the day so cometh".

But now that I listen even closer, the "o" sound is a muffled "a" sound (day), which I didn't realize before this thread, Thanks.
"Prove you are alive." - Tyler D.
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