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oes anyone still make glass IV bottles?

The company I work for has for many years used intravenous fluid bottles to contain dessicants that dry the air going to gas detection equipment that we operate. These are 500ml glass bottles with a neck about 1 1/2 inches wide; the closure is a rubber stopper with an aluminum screw-thread cap that holds the stopper on tightly. I've just spent the bulk of the morning contating various manufacturers of glass bottles, and medical/ hospital supply companies, with no joy. Does anyone happen to know a source for these things?
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The last time I saw a glass IV bottle was before 1986. I know for a fact that they were in use in the late 70s and early 80s. I dropped quite a few back in the day.
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I worked in a hospital ER during 1975, and we used glass then. By 1976, I'd gotten a Paramedical cert, and plastic was just starting to be introduced.

Try this company to see if they have what you want, El Kabong. Their line looks rather extensive.
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They do still make glass IV bottles, because some medications are incompatible with the PVC plastic. Nitroglycerin is one example:
Nitroglycerin readily migrates into many plastics. To avoid absorption of nitroglycerin into plastic parenteral solution containers, the dilution of nitroglycerin injection should be made only in glass parenteral solution bottles.
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I've seen lots of meds given in glass IV bottles, especially in the bone marrow transplant ward. Give me 2 more years to finish my degree and I can tell you more .
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Empty, sterile, glass bottles with a vacuum are used in some blood bank procedures, as well as in plasma phoresis. I think McGaw was the manufacturer.
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