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Woman with an eyepatch -- sexy?

A year ago I would never even have considered this question. It just never would have occured to me to list a wounded or destroyed eye as an attractive characteristic. But the fact that such characters appeared in both Kill Bill and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow got me thinking. Now that I'm specifically looking for it, I notice that a lot of old comics and covers of various books feature ladies with an eyepatch. I think that it carries the implications that a woman has a dangerous and intriguing past, and a more wild personality. So what say the rest of you?
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Don't trust women with eyepatches: Flashman And The Redskins, by George McDonald Fraser, explains why not.
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Well, there's a woman with an eyepatch in the sexylosers online comic, but I won't link from here...
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you don't even need a dangerous past. The popstar Gabrielle wears / used to wear a patch becuase of epilepsy. Apparently flashing lights only cause seizures if seen with both eyes.
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mmmm...... sexy
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Depends. I'm sure this makes me shallow but if it's a real eyepatch, i.e. the woman is really missing an eye, then no, it's not sexy but is a bit disconcerting. Physical deformities tend to make me uneasy which is odd considering my younger sister has several and they do not bother me.

If it's purely cosmetic, it can be though. Jolie was quite becoming in Sky Captain but I think the fascist outfit was more to thank than her eyepatch.
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However, in the context of the OP, yes, generally a character in popular media, male OR female, that is depicted with the eyepatch is deliberately designed to project an adventurous (or tragic) violent, let's-not-go-there, past. Also, Hollywood for some reason years ago made a strong association of partial mutilation with pirates, thus with a life of swashbucking danger -- and the eyepatch is more transferrable to a modern setting than peg legs or hook hands. Both heroes and villains get the look -- Angelina's Sky Captain character, Elle Driver, Nick Fury, Captain Harlock, Thunderball's Largo, etc. (And in Real Life, Moshe Dayan's look certainly made an impression, as he "looked" the part of the warrior, something not bad for a Defense Minister.)
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Women. With. Eyepatches.

Once again the SDMB expands my knowledge of the world into areas I had never even imagined.
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Are we talking a "pirate" eyepatch, or a tan-coloured adhesive eyepatch (the kind I had to wear as a child, under the brand names Opticlude or Elastoplast, to treat my amblyopia)?
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Originally Posted by matt_mcl
Are we talking a "pirate" eyepatch, or a tan-coloured adhesive eyepatch (the kind I had to wear as a child, under the brand names Opticlude or Elastoplast, to treat my amblyopia)?
ARRRR--three guesses, ye landlubber!
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Originally Posted by ITR champion
...carries the implications that a woman has a dangerous and intriguing past, and a more wild personality.
Oh you hot sexy, won't-wear-goggles-when-operating-a-drill-press woman. Mrowr! Yeah, I find women who get their pictures posted on consumption junction with the caption "fucking ow" to be erotic and adventurous.

The only time I saw an eyepatch that was apparently worn for erotic effect was a photo of a woman with a peg leg that appeared to have been taken from an antique table. With the eyepatch she appeared to be going for the pirate in slutty lingere. Uh, she was too skinny for me but I figure I'm the last person who should ciritcise the erotic tastes of others.
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My first reaction to this thread's title was a mighty "WTF?," but then I thought back to the tiny bit of Kill Bill 2 I'd seen and remembered that yes, Daryl Hannah was monstrously hot with an eyepatch on.

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Woman with an eyepatch = sexy?


When combined with a hook, peg leg, and parrot, though, I do tend to find it a little off-putting...
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I had almost forgotten about Candy Samples in Flesh Gordon. An eyepatch, matching but significantly larger boob patch over one hooter and fetching prosthetic pirate hook (not DORRANCE STAINLESS STEEL X5 HOOK!) for scratching her exposed boobie. Sexy in a '70s, low rent, raunchy, softcore porn kind of way. <waka-chicka-waka-chicka-wah-waaah>
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Depends on where she's wearin' it.
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