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What the hell is Tony Soprano's tattoo?

Does anyone know what it is? I've freeze-framed on the DVDs many times to try to figure out what Tony Soprano has tattooed on his right tricep; it just looks like an incoherent blob to me.
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From the Sopranoland FAQ
What is the tattoo on Tony's shoulder? Is it real?

It is a tiger and no, it is Temptu. Temptu has provided James Gandolfini with a variety of "tattoos" for his numerous stage and big screen roles. They have also created "tattoos" for other Sopranos actors (Aida Turturro's is also a Temptu stock item) and for the other hit HBO show, OZ.:
Link to pic.

It looks more like a leopard to me, though.
Old 12-06-2004, 01:57 AM
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...though I guess it is a tiger.

Here's a gif of the transfer.
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But the placement makes it look like it's climbing, leading me to also think it's a leopard. Though my first thought was a cheetah. You know, always outrunning things like death. I tend to see more in tats than even those that get them to be "cool"

*duffer, 3 tats and getting the 4th next month. A huge family crest across my back*
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