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Is a Holton T602 trumpet any good?

My daughter is in the beginner band at her school and is playing the trumpet. We've been renting her instrument so far this year in case she decided she wasn't going to stick with it, but she seems to really be getting into the whole band thing. So I thought maybe a used, beginner's level horn might make a good Christmas present for her and I found a Holton T602 at one of the local pawn shops that seems to be in pretty good condition. Her band teacher had said to try to find a Yamaha or King trumpet, and I'm very leery of the cheapy jobs from somewhere like Wal-Mart, but I can't seem to find any info about how Holton's compare to the others quality-wise.

So, how about it y'all? Anybody out there have any experience good or bad with Holton trumpets? Will they kick her out of the school band if she shows up with it after the holidays? Or will anybody be able to tell the difference at the beginner level?

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