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How is the Finnish name "Tarja" pronounced?

As in Tarja Turunen, the lead singer of Nightwish.
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Like Tár-yah.

Pronounce the "t" hardish with tounge against upper front teeth.
The first "a" is pronounced like the "o" in ouch! Short.
The "r" should of course be none-american, the tounge should roll almost against the front teeth, like Scotsmen use it, or Scandinavians.
The second "a" is pronounced like the "o" in ouch!
You stress the first syllable.

Hopefully you get a hang on it. I know how to pronounce it much better than I'm able to explain it, since the finnish language is very hard, so to speak, with pronounciations not available in english.
Old 01-11-2005, 11:57 AM
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As long as I can get a reasonable American approximation, I'm happy. Thanks for helping me out, and welcome to the SDMB.
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If I were to anglicise any of the sounds, it would be that "r." I find that doing it really interrupts the pronounciation of the word. Does anyone else find that?
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This site will also give you the proper Finnish pronunciations:
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