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How Much Does a T-Shirt Screen Printing Machine Cost, and Where Do I Get One?

A local outfit (All-American T-Shirt Company) custom makes T-shirts in batches of at least ten, for sports teams and such. Presumably they're using a machine that puts ink (or vinyl or whatever they use) to fabric according to some design that's inputted into a computer.

How much does such a machine cost, and where would you buy one anyway?

My googling skills are sorely lacking, as I was able to find several companies similar to the local one I mentioned, but no factories that actually make the presses.
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Ryan Screen Supply

Beginner packages start at $1,495
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Unless the technology has really leapt forward since I last dealt with screenprinters on a regular basis, nobody's printing direct to fabric. You still have to make separations (film, possibly vellum), expose and process the screen, and then apply ink one color at a time. That's why the link that Fear provided shows 'printers' with multiple stations. You mount the t-shirt and rotate it from one station to the next, applying a different color at each.
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Originally Posted by Fear Itself
Ryan Screen Supply

Beginner packages start at $1,495
Thanks. Are you familiar with the Scren Printing biz, or just a good googler?
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Back in 9th grade art class, we made our own screen printing equipment from scratch. All you need is a wood frame with silk stretched over it. You cut the patterns out from thin paper like blank newspaper paper. Apply the ink with any kind of wood-and-rubber squeegie that is cut to fit the frame. Our T-shirts turned out great. The paper patterns lasted for about 10 shirts; if you wanted them to last longer you could make them out of plastic film.
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