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Black Villain and White Hero

These two threads got me thinking:

What are examples of Hollywood movies made after the Civil Rights Era that feature a black villain (or villains) and a white hero? This seems to be a fairly rare combination in films (not surprising, I guess--it's hard to see a white man beating on blacks as heroic these days).

The obvious one that I thought of was Live and Let Die. But, on the other hand, I don't think a movie like Rocky would qualify. Apollo Creed isn't really a villian, in my opinion--just the antagonist. So what are some others?
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Half of the "Spy vs. Spy"s?
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1993's Demolition Man featured Wesley Snipes as the villain and Sylvester Stallone as the hero.
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While Rocky wouldn't qualify, Rocky III would. Clubber Lang (Mister T) was most definitely a villain.
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And of course Training Day featured a white hero and black villain.
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Blacula? Not sure of the time frame though...
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Collateral, kinda. But the black guy wasn't a villain, so much as a less good character... I think.
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Black Hawk Down had (mostly) white US military troops trying to catch Black Somalis working for Adid.

A lot of people accused the movie of being racist, though it was based off a real life event.
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Conan the Barbarian - Arnold Schwarzenegger v James Earl Jones

Jackie Brown - Samuel Jackson v Robert Forster

Logan's Run - Michael York v Roscoe Lee Browne

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