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Shovel shaped incisors = Native American/Asian ancestry??

I am a white girl with family legends of Native American ancestors on both sides. My front teeth (and Dad's, too) are the classic "shovel" shaped incisors, with a rounded bump near the interior gum line and a scoop shaped, concave tooth. Until trying to research our family's possible Native roots, I had no idea that front teeth could be shaped any other way. Now, I've read on several websites (from both personal and professional web sites) that the only possible way a white person could have these type of front teeth is through either Asian or Native American ancestry, since this is a trait basically only found in these ethnic groups. Euros without Native or Asian ancestors do not have this tooth shape, instead having flat, smooth front teeth, according to my sources.

Does anyone have the straight dope on this? Should I assume that I have a biracial (at least!) background based on the shape of my front teeth? Or is this flawed logic somehow?

Thanks in advance!
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We did this some time ago in this thread, and the consensus was that many ethnic groups have shovel teeth besides Native Americans.
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