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Why do bartenders ring bells occasionally in bars?
Is it true its done when they receive an especially
generous tip? Or, as some claim, does it mean someone has
bought a round for the house?
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They are usually calling a waitress to come pick up their order.
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Depends on the bar. In a lot of bars, if it's a big ol' brass bell, it does indeed mean that somebody has tipped the bartender generously. In my bartending days, a dollar was enough to ring the bell. Then again, that was close to 20 years ago, so the ante may have gone up. It's a gimmick that bartenders like to use to increase the cashflow...people get buzzed, they want to hear the bell go *clang!*, so they lay a big time on the bartender. The ones for calling the waitresses tend to be the little 'hotel-clerk-calling-a-bellboy' type bell.

If you really want to know what it means where YOU go, tho, ask the bartender.
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It also makes the customer feel like a big shot, in a subliminal way.

In my bartending days we would knock on the bar as we collected the tip. It gave us a easy way to grab the money and also made the customer feel like he/she was getting 'special' attention. Anything simple to do and strokes the customer means more money for me in the long run.
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I thought I'd seen this earlier... This thread discussed the same topic.
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