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Room AC in a crank-out casement window. Possible?

Hi there!

Here in Reading, MA, where the temperature touched a record high of 96 today, this middle-aged-man's fancy has belatedly turned to thoughts of air-conditioning.

My wife and I live in a not-centrally-air-conditioned home, which would naturally make us consider room air-conditioning units. But all of the windows in our home are crank-out casement windows, and we'd been told that normal room AC units don't work with those.

But then, today, we see on various websites that companies make room units specifically made for casement windows. Which sounds great, but when we look at the windows, we can't for the life of us figure out how an AC units would physically fit and stay in the window frame. Even when the window is fully open (i.e. perpendicular to the wall and sticking out into the air), the window isn't at the far edge of the frame, but about 1/4 of the way toward the center -- where it would seem to get right in the way of an AC unit.

Does anyone have experience with this? Are there really wall AC units compatible with our window type, or are we doomed to a summer of sweltering sadness and a skillion fans?


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One option is to remove the window (usually a few screws, some have clips) and make a plywood 'cutout' to fit the A/C in.
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Here's some from my local appliance dealer, Abt Appliances. As you can see they are pricey, that's because there isn't much of a market for them.
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There is an alternative to window mounted A/Cs. A number of manufacturers sell a line of "split systems" where the evaporator (the cooling part) is wall mounted, like a large picture or plasma screen TV, and the condenser is set outside. You need only to provide a small opening in the wall for the freon lines and the evaporator drain.
They are more expensive to purchase and require some installation know-how (generally a professional is needed), but will work without sacrificing a window. They are also available in heat-pump models, so can be used year 'round.

This was the top hit on Google for Split AC system. There are lots of others.
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If you own the place, you might consider one of these: a split unit that has a compresser and condensor outside with the evaperator and fan inside. The inside unit mounts flat on a wall. Could mount above or below a window. Here's a link to some Sanyo units

Or a sleeve mounted unit where the wall is cut and a mounting sleeve installed and weatherproofed. The AC unit mounts in the sleeve. These are ofter used in motel units and often incorporate heatpump capablity.

Either of these would need to be professionally installed.
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Almost a simulpost! You have the stronger Googlefu my friend!
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Originally Posted by GaryM
Almost a simulpost! You have the stronger Googlefu my friend!
I wouldn't call 8 minutes a simulpost, exactly, but the parallels between the posts are eerie.
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I was just at "Best Buy," picking up a window-mount A/C. They were pushing what was called a "portable A/C" which is a wheeled floor unit. Hot air from the condenser is exhausted through a length of tubing which is run our the window. Don't see why this wouldn't work, although you'd probably have to jury-rig some kind of panel which would fit the window opening and accept the exhaust hose.

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