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Death to tyrants

Using Latin, how does one say, " Death To Tyrants?"

"Conform or Die"
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Something along these lines should do the trick:

mors (omnibus) tyrannis = death to (all) tyrants


mors (omnibus) tyrannis sit = let there be death to (all) tyrants


(omnes) tyranni moriantur = let (all) tyrants die
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"Sic Semper Tyrannus" should do the trick. Though literally, it means "Thus always to tyrants," it expresses the concept more powerfully.
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Originally Posted by RealityChuck
"Sic Semper Tyrannus" should do the trick. Though literally, it means "Thus always to tyrants," it expresses the concept more powerfully.
If only because that's what John Wilkes Booth said
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And it's the state motto of Virginia.
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Yeah, but the Virginia state seal has Liberty standing on a dead tyrant, so it provides context. If you just say "Sic semper tyrannus", somebody is going to ask "Quid semper tyrannus?", and you'd have to say "Mors semper tyrannus."

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