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What are those strings that hang from the pants of Jewish men and boys?

I see it's nearing to Friday, and yet, my curiosity can't wait.

While riding through a Jewish neighborhood, I saw several boys walking together, and all of them had strings hanging from (what I would assume are) the belt loops of the pants. The strings were a light brown color.

What was this I saw? What does it mean?

Sorry for asking so close to Friday.
People tell me I'm a hypochondriac. Ugh, it makes me sick.
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IANA ;j, but if I recall correctly, those tassels are trailing from a small garment worn underneath the shirt, which is something akin to a poncho. I think it's only worn by Hasidic Jews, but I could be wrong.

On preview and a minute of research, I'm pretty close [scroll about halfway down].
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They are the fringes of tallit.
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Originally Posted by adam yax
They are the fringes of tallit.
The fringes are called tzitzit, and they are attached to a tallit (actually, to a tallit katan, which refers to a little shawl. A tallit is a four-cornered garment worn during prayer services with fringes tied to it, as a reminder of the mitzvot, the commandments. A tallit katan is a small, four-cornered shawl with fringes at the corners worn under clothing all day, as an opportunity to exemplify this commandment during the whole day.
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The tallit, or prayer shawl, is worn by conservative and orthodox Jewish males at morning prayer services. (I think it's optional or varies with Reform.) It's like a shawl, although some can be quite large, with tassels/fringes at each corner, based on Numbers 15:37-41 (and other biblical references)

Many orthodox and most hasidic Jews also wear a smaller such shawl (sort of like a poncho) underneath their outer garments, called a tallit katan (small tallit), and the fringes of this tallit katan are what you might see dangling out from under their shirts.
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People tell me I'm a hypochondriac. Ugh, it makes me sick.

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