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Actually, this isn't about Stern himself, but about the freaks that call in. Yesterday a guy called in and said he was going to kill Senator Lieberman, the Democratic VP candidate. After repeated warnings about the FBI and SS (heh. secret service) from everybody on the show, he still wouldn't take back the threat or say he was only kidding. Two minutes later, the SS was in the studio getting a tape of the show, and probably tracking down the phone logs.

Today, there was a guy who supposedly had his 14-year-old mongoloid daughter stuffed and mounted after she died, for sexual reasons. Apparently he didn't think the taxidermist did a good enough job mounting her and wanted to get in on the action (I'm hoping it was just a comedy bit, not for real...can people really be that sick??). He's apparently leading a crusade to make taxidermy of people widely legal and accepted.


This is what happens when you pass laws protecting the stupid from their own stupidity. You controvert natural selection, and stupid people find other really stupid people and make more even stupider people.

Yeah, yeah, why do I listen? Because I get a kick out of hearing these wackos.

On the other hand, think of the money you could save on funerals! Instead of dropping several thousand dollars to bury somebody, the family has you stuffed and rents you out for advertising! Rather than a financial burden, you become a revenue source! hahahahahaha I want to be stuffed and kept in a menacing pose in Central Park...but then there's pigeons and everything. and rain. and perverts.

Maybe I should drink coffee BEFORE I post.
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IMHO, I think the call in's are mostly fictional. People just trying to be weird enough to get some air play on the show.

I'm sure some are just nuts though. Howard seems to attract the whackos.
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Your right, Howard does seem to attract the wackos. Much like an iron magnet attracts steel filings. Go figure.
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Originally posted by UncleBeer
Your right, Howard does seem to attract the wackos. Much like an iron magnet attracts steel filings. Go figure.
No doubt! I couldn't have said it better Unc.
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Uhh, I'll bet you could have said it better, Demo. You'd probably have said, "you're" rather than "your". Crap. I suck.
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Joe Cool- If you like the wackos on Howard's show you should check out Spaz's weekly updates on that -other- station over to the right a ways. It's so wacky and weird that I laugh and laugh (the extreme talk station usually has it on fridays in the afternoon, but it depends)

The talk shows -do- seem to attract the weirdos though, especially the FM talk shows.
Wonko The Sane -- It was brown, yellow and orange, wrapped in white--like a dog in a wedding dress.

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