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Breast fed babies' poop is generally yellow and 'seedy.' Where do these 'seeds' come from??? This mommy-to-be wants to know!
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Judging by the smell, I would say they came directly from the hoary netherworld.

Honestly, though, I don't know. If it's not too disgusting, I'd like to know!
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If I am remembering correctly from the joyous arrival of my 3 significantly younger siblings, newborn baby poop doesn't smell bad. It isn't until they are a couple of weeks old (and, I assume, no longer drinking colostrum) that it starts to get stinky.

everybody falls
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undigested curdled milk?
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Breast-fed baby poop does NOT smell bad. For as long as they are eating only breast milk, you are free of any bad odor (poop and spit up). As far as curdled milk: breast milk is (supposedly) the most digestible of any food- the 'perfect' food. So I don't think it makes sense that it would be curds. Also- it is seedy, grainy, not 'curdly.'
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Originally posted by E Bailey
Breast-fed baby poop does NOT smell bad.
I would like to take this time to point out that this is SO not the case.

My son has had NOTHING but breast milk, and is so rancid that I have vomited on him while attempting to change him.

I think that it's a factor of the infant's individual biology. Or Vileology, as the case may be. It might also be a point that I am lactose intolerant, if that applies to my progeny.
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Well, every experience I've had w/ breastfed babies is that they are quite bad-odor free. Formula fed babies, on the other hand- OMIGAWD!!!!
But, we digress. Anybody wanna address the OP?
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Originally posted by Phobos
undigested curdled milk?
From what I've read, this is right.
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Yes, it is undigested milk protein. My daughter's became way less seedy after we figured out she was allergic to dairy proteins. Her pediatrician didn't understand food allergies and had me still drinking milk but cut way back. I don't know what they would have been like without any dairy because she was on solids by the time we figured that out.

Anyway, just make a WAG based on my experience, maybe it is casein like what cottage cheese has a lot of. Mother's milk contains cow's milk casein if she consumes dairy plus the way I understand it there is also a human milk casein.
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