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At what temperature does wine freeze?

I just bought a case of wine for a party on Sunday, and would really rather leave it in my trunk for a few days. But the weather forecast predicts lows around 10 deg, (F) Am I courting disaster?
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The Turtle Moves!
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Courting? You are proposing!

Alcohol lowers the freezing point, but not by that much. You are asking for corks pushed out, not to mention perhaps messing with the flavor of the wine. Unless it's a case of Ripple. If so, the screwcaps will bulge, but they won't come off.

Take the wine inside, ya lazy bum!
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Well, ok.

But if I drop the case carrying it up those three flights of rickety stairs, I'll....I'll...well, I'll sit down and cry, that's what I'll do, Mister!

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Assuming a standard 12.5% alcohol content wine freezes around 15oF.

"Freeze" may nto be entirely appropriate as you can get a sort of wine sluch as water freezes out of the wine before the alcohol and other things in the wine (thus leaving behind a more potent mix but I bet it tastes pretty bad). Not sure where rock solid freezing happens for wine but 15oF is the commonly cited mark.
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I put a (mostly empty) bottle of wine in my freezer hoping to cool it off pretty fast. I forgot about it, and several hours later, I opened the freezer to find my slushy wine. I don't know how cold my freezer is, but I'd say it's about average. I keep hard liquors in the freezer but wine just doesn't have enough alcohol to stay liquid.
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What kind of wine are we talking about?

A nice merlot, or a case of Thunderbird?

If the latter, its well known for its warming properties, so maybe it will be ok.
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It's Three Buck Chuck (Charles Shaw) from Trader Joe's . Not exactly an investment, but good enough for a one year old's birthday party with the family.

I did bring it upstairs yesterday. Of course, now I face the tempation of drinking it before the party!
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Originally Posted by WhyNot
Not exactly an investment, but good enough for a one year old's birthday party with the family.
Yeah, what does a one-year-old know about good wine anyway?
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