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MS Excel, what are the units of measure for cell height and width?

The title says it all. What are cell height and width measured in for MS Excel? I want to insert some images into a spreadsheet and I want to size the cells to fit the images. The default cell size is 8.43 X 12.75, but 8.43 X 12.75 what? Point? Inches? Anything?
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Cells are measured in points. From Microsoft Office Assistance:

Row height and line size

The default height of a row in Excel depends on the font and maximum font size used in that row. In Excel, the default font is 10-point Arial. For this combination of font and font size, the height of a cell with one line of text is 12.75 points.


When you specify a height in the Row Height box, the measurement is displayed in points. When you drag the boundary below a row heading to adjust the height of a row on the worksheet, a ScreenTip displays the measurement first in points, and then in pixels (in parentheses).

Note These default units of measurement cannot be changed in Excel 2003.

The following table shows the approximate conversion of inches to points and pixels.
Inches Points Pixels
.25 18 24
.5 36 48
1 72 96
1.5 108 144
2 144 192

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