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Pickup truck bed side panels

I am looking for some side panels to extend the sides of my pickup truck bed higher, in order to haul some brush and other light items. I have tried googling, but I must not know the right terminology. I have a full size Chevy Silverado, and the bed has "Stake Pockets" at each corner. Does anyone know what these panels are called or maybe even where to buy a set?

I have seen them on trucks on the road, some with just two side panels and some with panels on all four sides. I could also make a set if there were plans available.
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Can't you just get some wood that will fit the stake holes (I haven't measured on my F150 but IIRC they're a common size, 1x2 or something) and then nail or screw some cheap plywood panels to them? Just get a sheet or two of inexpensive 1/4" or 3/8" plywood, doesn't have to be anything expensive to hold yard waste in.
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I have always called them sideboards. I built a set for an old Dodge pickup out of cheap pine boards and they lasted for years. I used 2x3's for the uprights. A quick check on Google doesn't show any commercially made sideboards, you will have to make them yourself.
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