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John Irving's reference to a "Rose of Jericho" Tattoo...

I'm currently reading Irving's "Until I Find You". He mentions a tattoo known as The Rose of Jericho, which is a rose with a vagina hidden inside.

I Googled and Yahooed and Ask.comed, but the only thing I could find were other people on other message boards looking for it too.

So, either it doesn't exist (which is perfectly acceptable for a fictional story). Or, it goes by another name or no name.

I want to see one.

P.S. I told my friend about it. He said he's going to get a "Taco of Jericho" tattoo.
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Isn't this pretty much every single painting ever produced by Georgia O'Keefe?
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Okay, according to my husband, who documents prison tattoos for signs of gang activity, they exist. But the one's he's seen, had vaginas that kind of jumped out at you, and weren't very well hidden.

I still want to see one that's done well and artistcly.
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