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Origin of "wang" as slang for your dick?

As the title asks...

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As always, start with the Online Etymology Dictionary:

"penis," 1933, slang, probably from whangdoodle, an earlier term for "gadget, thing for which the correct name is not known." Many such words (thingy, dingus, etc.) have been used in slang for "penis," not because the actual name was unknown, but because it was unmentionable. Another possibility is that the slang word is a variant of whang "large, thick slice" (1634), which earlier was used in the sense of "thong" (1536) and is itself a variant of thwang, an alternat form of thong (see thong).
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Short(snic!) for tallywacker.
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Paraphasing Stephen King, circa 1985: I just got my first word processer. It's a big Wang, and keep your smart comments to yourself, buddy.
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Originally Posted by Annie-Xmas
Paraphasing Stephen King, circa 1985: I just got my first word processer. It's a big Wang, and keep your smart comments to yourself, buddy.
"I spent all last night pounding on my Wang..."
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