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Moby Vs Beck

What would happen if, in some alternate universe, Beck and Moby, fuelled by blood rage, decided that they needed to fight to the death, street rules style?
Here's how I see it:

Beck: Looks tougher, has reach, body may be numbed by years of taking strange drugs, may have learned secret killing techniques from the Scientologists.

Moby: Vegan diet means he's healthy, scrappy, has the buddha like air of an enlightened one, is unencumbered by any strange teachings from the Scientologists.

I really think Moby ends it with one Dim Mak strike, with the force of his oneness with the universe behind it.
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I heard Moby speak a couple of years ago. The guy's a fucking simpleton. I was very disappointed. Beck seemed to have intelligent things to say from what I have read. I didn't know he was a clam until now. I am again disappointed.
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And if they got married, they still wouldn't have a last name!
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Originally Posted by RealityChuck
And if they got married, they still wouldn't have a last name!
Unless you knew that Beck's is Hanson and Moby's is Hall. Hell, look at Cher - she's got more last names than the Gabor sisters.

Re the death match, I think Moby annoys Beck to death, but that's after several rounds where they're equally annoying.
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These are both singers? So I can move this thread to CS? But it's an opinion, so it should stay here? But, jeez, how much more mundane can you get?

Doesn't seem to be about who is the better singer;doesn't seem to be about anything appropriate for IMHO, or CS or MPSIMS for that matter.

Thread closed.
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