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Anion emitters?

It seems I just got schooled by my wife and the fact that I have only learned about the basics in science, primarily: a neutron, a proton, and an electron. I have since learned vaguely of ions, but then there is just so much more out there that it's all mush in my head.

Basicially, my room upstairs has a constant onslaught of humidity and general mustiness to the point that spending a few hours up there will generally result in a sore throat and a slight headache that goes away after coming back downstairs in the more climate controlled regions.

I have no idea where the humidity comes from, but it is a frog over the garage and connected to 2 attic doors and a window unit that above, say 85F will kick-on to bring the temperature down some. The thing is we just don't go up there much, so we save the energy to climate control it as well. Now that I got all the explaining over with, there's only one last piece of information necessary; I was researching a way to make the upstairs usable again primarily by improving the air quality.

This is where I'm reading about ozone sanitizers and further in, about the glorious benefits of Anion generation. And apparently ozone machines have less effect and shortened lifespans in high humidity areas.

What's my question you ask? Well, there are two.

1) Can anyone that understands atomic states better than I, stand by the same claims as this advertisement that attempts to explain Anions found here

2) Can anyone that has similar a dilema provide me insight towards reclaiming my upstairs?
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I think that website is full of crap. In the very first sentence, they suggest that air is an element. Air is a mixture of several elements and compounds. Then they give poor definitions for cations and anions. A cation has fewer electrons than protons. An anion has more. If an atom has an electron, as they say, it's either hydrogen or a cation of another element. They poorly stated those definitions at best. I have no idea about they're claims about what they do to the body, but I'll believe it when someone that sounds like they actually know what they're talking about agrees.
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I'll leave item #2 to HVAC experts (although I'd suspect just getting some ventilation up there would help a lot.) I also don't know how a frog got involved.

In any case, regarding item #1: a cartload of hooey. The air in a forest has the same electrical charge as the air in my closet. If you did manage to make the air full of anions, they wouldn't make it into your bloodstream in that form. Microwaves don't ionize the air. I could go on, but I'm getting hooey on my screen.

There the occasional fact-like statement in the ad, but it's pretty much hooey.
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Originally Posted by Pasta
I also don't know how a frog got involved.

Hmm, strange I thought it was a common term but perhaps it's mispelled or just a regional thing.

In any case, a "Frog" is an attic area that has been sectioned off and made into an additional bedroom. Many times this room is situated over the garage of the given house.

Just so you don't think I start talking about frogs out of the blue, I thought I'd clarify this.
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Here's a pic I found off the internet of someone's FROG (I guess I should have capitalized)FROG

Found from this house listing that includes the term in the description as well. Just so you know, alot of these FROG rooms are not connected via A/C ducts and usually include some kind of heat pump or even a plain A/C window style unit.
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FROG=Finished Room Over Garage?

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