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A friend of mine said there are special eye dye drops that you can use to dye the whites of your eyes black. They're used in military night ops, and by a memeber of Limp Bizkit. I've searched for a while, and can't find what this substance is or where it can be purchased. Has anyone heard about this stuff?
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Contacts. Don't know where you can get them. You can also get "blacklight" contacts- if you've seen the movie "Belly" (which I don't really recommend) you'll know what I'm talking about.
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Originally posted by Mojo
Contacts. Don't know where you can get them.
Allow me.


These are actually the same people, but each site has different pictures. A warning, though: I have never known of any actor who had to wear them liking them. Apparently the full eye contacts hurt like hell.

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