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Old 07-27-1999, 04:47 PM
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I'm a chronic sinus/nasal allergy sufferer and I have the unfortunate combination of high tolerance for most antihistamines and low tolerance (inability to tolerate) most decongestants. My personal optimum solution is (or <sigh> was) a nonprescription pharmaceutical named BROMPHENIRAMINE MALEATE, sold over-the-counter as Dimetane] and, more recently, as Dimetapp Allergy.

A. H. Robins continues to make a product called Dimetapp, in various manifestations, but all of those manifestations now contain decongestant, most commonly pseudephedrine hydrochloride or pseudephedrine sulfate (i.e, Sudafed -- ::shudder:: -- the stuff that keeps me from sleeping for 96 hours after a single dose). Dimetane and Dimetapp Allergy are no longer being marketed by A. H. Robins.

I really have tried a long list of alternative antihistamines and will continue to do so, but that isn't the advice I need right now...I want to know how best to get my hands on a large (lifetime) supply of brompheniramine maleate. I was buying it over the counter as recently as April in New York City, so I'm convinced there must be a backlog stock of it somewhere.

One pharmacist recommended Canadian sources, thinking that the US FDA may have unusually tight and arbitrary expiration / shelf-life laws.

A. H. Robins confirms that brompheniramine maleate is public domain and that it is not illegal for a non-Robins endeavor to make the stuff. I would consider paying a chemical house to make me up a batch of it, but I've been told there's not much chance of this.

Or I could just get a nosectomy ...

::aa-CHEWW!! snoff!! whine::

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Old 07-27-1999, 05:16 PM
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Another solution might be moving to Antarctica.

I develop tolerances to allergy medications, so what worked one year is useless the next. Claratin & Allegra now have little or no effect on me. I resort to some OTC stuff, but after a week it's useless too (or I have to dose so much of it that I'm drowsy all day).
Old 07-27-1999, 05:39 PM
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I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have regular access to a Tijuana pharmacy. Everything that Big Brother has told us we're too stupid to self-prescribe is available in Mexico for a fraction of the price.

If you know anybody heading that way on vacation or business just give them the brand name or a list of the active ingredients. Any pharmacy down there has a staff fluent in English and they are familiar with the American brand names for the generic drugs they sell.

The pharmasists in Mexico are very well trained and knowledgible about the stuff they're selling. (When American pharmacy students are learning FDA statutes, the Mexicans are learning about drug interactions!) Customs doesn't seem to much care as long as the bottles are plainly labled.
Old 07-27-1999, 06:57 PM
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This may not help very much, but have you tried checking out the store brands? You might get lucky enough to find one with the same active ingredients as Dimetapp Allergy.
Old 07-27-1999, 07:24 PM
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I take a store brand that is "chlorpheniramine maleate" which works well without making me sleepy. It is one of the two ingredients of Contac (the other ingredient is a decongenstant designed to make you feel like there is no moisture left anywhere in your body; not recommended.) I wonder if it's related to your "b... maleate." I've found it in several stores as their house brand "allergy tablet".
Old 07-27-1999, 07:55 PM
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I notice that you are only talking OTC medications. Try Claritin(?). But you have to get it from the doctor.
Old 07-27-1999, 09:52 PM
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I want to know how best to get my hands on a large (lifetime) supply of brompheniramine maleate. I was buying it over the counter as recently as April in New York City, so I'm convinced there must be a backlog stock of it somewhere.

I'd say you're sol.
Personally I hated Dimetapp with a passion.
And I suspected it was the pseudoepedrine in the formula. Give me the decongestant without the speed, I certainly don't need it.

The only main common alternative, for a bronchial decongestant, seems to be, the ever popular guaifensin.
It works okay, and they rarely compound it, except in cough syrups.

Didn't really answer your question, I know.
But then, I wasn't really sure how long your lifetime would be.
Do you need milligrams, or tons?
Old 07-27-1999, 10:28 PM
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Sudafed does jack shit for my colds, but at least it keeps me awake when necessary - a good thing, since I am immune to caffeine for some reason.
Old 07-29-1999, 04:18 AM
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I always suspected I was a freak of nature, now you all confirm it. Psuedofed knocks me out cold within a half hour of taking it. Real ephedrine has the opposite effect. The suggestion to see a doctor is a good one, he can prescribe exactly what you ask. Try a clinic, doctors there are usually busy and may be more receptive to just letting you walk with a scrip for a generic rather than prescribing a name brand. Question for you, Do you notice increased hmmm "urinary activity" with dimetap? It was my snot lifter of choice until the afore mentioned symtom forced me to move on.
Old 08-02-1999, 12:35 AM
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Correct me if I'm wrong but don't you have to take Claritin every day for it to work? For me, that's overkill. I don't have enough of an allergy problem for that. But when my nose does decide to spend a day or two doing a Mt St Helens I would like to be able to run to Walgreen's and buy something for it, and I also have the problem of antihistamines knocking me out and Sudafed keeping me awake for three days. I'm very distressed to only learn I had another option just as it's going off the market! AHunter3, please keep me posted on your quest.

Never regret what seemed like a good idea at the time.
Old 08-02-1999, 08:07 AM
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Not for nothing, but Tihujuana ( sp?) seems a bit extreme.For one thing, you could jaunt across seeking sinusoidal relief, and be murdered. It happens.
Why not research this on the Internet? Go to every major, and minor, pharmaceutical site, and ask if they sell the compound you seek, and if not, who supplies them with the compound.

Might get lucky, might not, won't get shot, Burma Shave.


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