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Help,i've eaten raisins with possible infectious disease.

Hi there people,

i bought a pack of sun-maid raisins just now.I opened one up,and i start eating,half-way i notice my raisins was getting really crunchy,tasted really bad thing i found this THING in my raisins

little crawling worms!
i checked my raisins product and it is suppose to be expired around 08 08 2007
i bought it and it was tight seal at first,i can't imagine how this thing could get in.
now,can you people tell what is IT? im scared and im concern about that,i don't want any worms in my stomach right now

oohh,and is there any probality to sue? :P JK.
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Bah, a little extra protein never hurt anyone. You'll be fine.
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Look like maggots. I'd puke if I was you. You'll probably be fine if you don't puke, but I don't think I'd be able to stop myself.

Take the box back to the store. Maybe you can get a week's worth of free groceries.
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Well, it's gross, but you're unlikely to experience anything more drastic than a slight paranoia about raisins in the future. People eat insects all the time, often on purpose. With only a few exceptions (parasites who have evolved to tolerate it), your stomach acid should take care of that protein without bothering itself about what form it was in when it went down.
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Absolutely. IME, (and I actually work in the "gross things in food" field!), insects and things related to the processing of the product (stems, seeds, etc.) are nothing to worry about. I know it's gross, but the chance of it harming you is almost none at all.

I would assume that the worm, looking fairly perky (was it alive?)as it does, ate its way into a raisin while the boxes were sitting in the factory after it was made or at the store rather than was processed with the raisins. Insects and the like do not usually make it through the process intact. If it was alive, it's probably even more likely to be the distribution center or the store where it got in.

I really don't think it could possibly have anything to make you sick on it, either. Can someone in a more science-based field than mine back me up on that?

I'd say, call the company and tell them, b/c they may want to see it and send you something. But please don't be mean to the phone jockey. I have to say that for my brothers and sisters in my industry. They'll help you and feel very sympathetic as well as long as you are nice to them in return. It also maximizes your returns if they send you something!
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Bag up the rest of the raisins in a zip-top baggie RIGHT NOW. If these are Indian Meal Moth larvae, they will infest the rest of your dry goods.

Then, call the company and/or the store where you bought them. They will offer you monetary compensation.
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Congratulations. My eyes just threw up.
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I was out shopping this afternoon for stuff to put in a road bag for the hockey player I'm sponsoring. I almost bought a multi-pack of the small packs of raisins. I am so glad I didn't - I'd be in the house right now ripping the bag open.

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This is just one more reason why I won't eat raisins.
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Raisins are dried in field on tarps and then package. They don't get wash or sterilized. Golden raisins are processed some, and the processing should kill vermin.
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My God! Sandtrout! Don't panic. You'll feel a change coming over you shortly, but don't' worry it's the beginning for much greater things to come.
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I've eaten (unintentionally!) the same yuk before and I'm . . . well, weird, but I was like that before I ate the crawlies. I didn't get sick or anything. I do agree you should work it for some free stuff though.
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