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Did you hear about...?

A joke thread based on the classic opener, 'Did you hear about...?'.

Did you hear about the sports fan who listened to a match?
He burned his ear.

Did you hear about the filmmaker who went for psychoanalysis?
He had projection issues.

Did you hear about the Irish queen of Hawaii?
Lily O'Killarney.
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Didja hear about the constipated mathematician?

He worked it out with a pencil.
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Did you hear about ...

... the optician that backed into his lens grinding machine?
He made a spectacle of himself.

... the butcher that backed up into his meat grinder?
He got a little behind in his orders.

... the poor lady who backed into an airplane propeller?

Why am I always the butt of the jokes around here?
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Those jokes really hit bottom.

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