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Does Shaquille O'Neal owe money to Jesse James for a bike?

I heard through the grapevine that Jesse James of West Coast Choppers built a chopper for Shaq and Shaq never paid him for the bike. What's the dope on this? Any truth or only a rumor?
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Let's try MPSIMS.
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I can at least confirm the first part of that....Jesse did build a chopper for was documented in one of the early shows abut Jesse. As for whether he paid him for it or not, that I don't know....
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Hmm, I'd love to find out though.
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On the Dan Patrick Show Shaq said he'd been told it was a gift or freebie of some kind, then Jesse James decided it wasn't. He did say he hadn't paid for it.
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I'm going to hell. NSFW.
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The way I remembered the show, it seemed like it was a surprise for Shaq for winning the NBA championship or something. Well, no it wasn't a surprise, because I remember Shaq going to Jesse's garage to be fitted for the bike. It was huge.

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Yeah, but the question is who has the balls to go collect?
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Somehow I would think Jesse would.... he's pretty [email protected] gutsy....
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