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Ebay feedback suggestions

My eBay sales have been doing fairly well lately, but I'm getting bored of posting more or less the same feedback ('Great transaction, fast payment, no problems. A+++') every time.

Would anyone like to suggest some interesting alternatives?
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I appreciate when people say something to the effect of "I'd like to deal with you again in the future."
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BTW, I do always mention communication if any (over and above the bare necessities of bidding, buying and paying) has taken place
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Great communication, would certainly do business again.
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I think 'would do business again' works well as feedback left for a seller, but left by the seller... I dunno - it seems presumptuous to me.

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You could always get creative if you're bored with the old standards.

"Prompt payment, good communication, smokin' wife. Giggity!"

"Quick responses, smooth transaction. Next time, I pick the hotel."

"Pleasure doing business, and good luck on getting your inheritance out of Nigeria!"

"I'd give my left nut to do business with this buyer again!"

YMMV, of course.
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You could always try "l33t sp33k" or "teen speak"

"OMG this dude totally rocks!"

"k thx"

"all his base r belong to me"

"th1s transaction totally pwn3d me!"



Or run your standards through the dialectizer

"Great transackshun, fast payment, no problems." (redneck)
"Gweat twansaction, fast payment, no pwobwems. Oh, dat scwewy wabbit!" (elmer fudd)
"Greet trunsecshun, fest peyment, nu prublems. Um gesh dee bork, bork!" (swedish chef)
"Great transackion, fast paymin, no progglems." (moron)
"Eatgray ansactiontray, astfay aymentpay, onay oblemspray." (pig latin)
"grate tarnsact1no, fast payment,n op orblEms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11" (hacker)
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try haiku

a sycamore sways in the wind, an old frog dies in a blender, A+++ would deal with again ......
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Of course, there is always the eBay Feedback Generator
Item was of splendorous quality! Notably swift delivery. Packaging was majestic.

Item was of the most select quality. Statuesque packaging. Delivery was supreme.

The item was superb and peerless! Remarkably quick dispatch. Splendid packaging.
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Heh, I've actually used that Feedback Generator. You really wanna confuse somebody, choose "indifferent":
Item was of the most standard quality. Passable packaging. Might buy from again.
It gets old, too, though.

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Some more suggestions:

Seller/buyer has restored my faith in humanity.


Best. E-bayer. Ever.

Transaction was all I could ever have wanted it to be.

My nipples explode with delight.

Goodness gracious, what a satisfying e-bay experience.

Screeeench! Oops, wrong kind of feedback!
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‹(•¿•)› ***Excellent transaction from start to finish. Thank you*** ‹(•¿•)›
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My offering pales in comparison to the suggestions so far, some of which almost made wine shoot out my nose.

When I have customers who've bought from me before, I always thank them for their repeat business.
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It'll be hard to top this eBayer. My favorites:

The prosthetic foreskin is perfect—as is the Wonder Bread, milk, & Miracle Whip!

sold me her SOUL, I opened the box and IT WAS DAMAGED. Plus it smelled funny

Next time don't write CONTAINS PORN in big red letters all over the box! sheesh!

Good News! the puppy arrived ALIVE this time! Guess 9 times a charm!A++

The Panties arrived quickly and, as requested, unwashed. I used them to make tea

FOOL! The FINAL PIECES are now in place, soon the WORLD will be mine, MINE!

nice addition to my anatomically correct GI Joe collection-the black guy's huge!

GREAT! As promised, just 3 drops in her drink and she was mine for the night A+

Good Seller; reliable, fast, neat, but table manners are horrendous!

FINALLY! XXL suppositories that STAY IN for a change. AA+++

A+ SELLER, the korean baby arrived thirsty but healthy thanks to the air holes.

As Promised—painless, clean, and photos to prove the hit was done right AA+++

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I finally got to leave a good one this week! I got a dvd of 'Waiting for Guffman' so the feedback was:

Perfect condition and such a quick ship we finished waiting for Guffman.
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