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How does one put on a "fingertip band-aid"?

Simple enough...but I have gone through two of these fleaxable fabric fingertip badaids trying to get it right! The thing is shapped like an 'H' and I'm guessing I put the gauze part over the wound, then wrp both ends around and adhere over each other... Is that right?
Old 06-15-2007, 08:11 AM
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Does any of this help?
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I think the H shaped ones are for knuckles, and the fingertip bandages are more hourglass shaped. In either case, yes, cover the wound with the gauze patch and wrap the adhesive pieces around the finger to secure. I usually do both strips on one end, then do the other end, but that's just me.

Old 06-15-2007, 08:15 AM
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Having crunched myself more than once I think you are trying to put a knuckle band-aid on a finger tip.

Just use a regular one.

The H shaped ones are better for knuckles IMHO. Johnson&Johnson may disagree.
Old 06-15-2007, 08:36 AM
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Ok Got it!

Just in time, I was about to get out the duct tape.
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Originally Posted by ratatoskK
Does any of this help?
Man, that make me want to hurt myself just to use a knuckle bandage in one of those unconventional spots. not a cry for help

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