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What is a "landlocked harbor?"

I see on the Internet these "facts" so to speak and one that keeps popping up is San Francisco is the largest landlocked harbor. Well obviously San Francisco isn't landlocked so what is the definition. I see Seattle is named as a landlocked harbor too.
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Landlocked = surrounded by land, so a landlocked harbor is one surrounded by land on all sides. Usually with a channel to enter.
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So what's an example of a harbour that is not landlocked?
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Originally Posted by Cunctator
So what's an example of a harbour that is not landlocked?
Chesapeake Bay
Pearl Harbor
New Orleans
Duluth-Superior Port
New York City Harbor

And many, many more.
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If you assume the ocean to be to the right, a left parentheses would be a standard harbor, while a "c" would be landlocked.


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Originally Posted by [email protected]
Pearl Harbor is pretty landlocked.
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Google Maps view of Pearl Harbor.
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Originally Posted by AudreyK
Amazingly, that is not at all pearl-shaped.
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[urban legend spark]

Pearl Harbor isn't named that for its shape. It's called that because, due to all the debris floating in the water after the bombing making its way into the oysters, you are absolutely guaranteed to find pearls in the oysters there. Sometimes you get multiple pearls from the same oyster! Part of the Arizona Memorial tour consists of pearl diving! Try it yourself for an awesome souvenir!

As you may have guessed, the area called Pearl City, just north of the harbor, is built entirely of pearls pulled from the harbor.

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Originally Posted by AudreyK
Not bad... 8 golf courses slash country clubs within a few miles.
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Is a harbor not "land-locked" by definition?
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This seems to be an example of fudging the language. A landlocked country is a country surrounded by land on all sides, with no access to the ocean. Therefore, a landlocked harbor is impossible. Even if there is a tiny channel or river connecting the harbor to the ocean it's not land locked since it has access to the ocean. If one can call a harbor landlocked, then it seems like we could call Iraq a landlocked country, since only a small percent of its border touches the ocean.

Isn't English wonderful?

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