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How would one say "Happy Birthday" in Hebrew (or, i suppose, Yiddish)?

A Jewish co-worker told me, after saying a few phrases to himself looking for the right one, that "Mazel Tov" would be sufficient. Drain Bead openly mocked this in conversation.

What's the scoop, my Jewish friends?
Yer pal,

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Yom Huledet Sameach! (Yom = day, Huledet = "birth", Sameach = "Happy") (Yom - long "O" as in "boat". Huledet - long "U" like "oo", both "E"s are short as in "egg". Sameach - the A's are "ah", like in "father" (if pronounced by a Kennedy). That "E" should really be pronounced like "ay", but it looks ugly to write it. The "ch" at the end is that gutteral sound that doesn't exist in English. Like "Chutzpah." If you can't pronounce it, just use a "k" sound.)

And wish him also a Happy birthday from myself, CKDextHavn, IzzyR, sdimbert, and the whole SDMB Jew crew...
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Here's a little help with the pronunciation:

And another Happy Birthday wish from this Goy-Boy.
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