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My Pokemans - Let me show you them.

If you ever surfed teh intertubes, you probably encountered the phrase "my [something]s, let me show you them", and you've seen the lolcat macro.

Is there a deeper origin to this meme? Any particular source like "all your base" from a badly-translated video game? Is the lolcat the first that used this wording, or was it influenced by something earlier (I mean, beyond combining "Want to come up and see my etchings" with inspirational posters and lolcat grammar)?
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The form is lumpy to the ears, but I'm not sure it breaks any rules of grammar. It does show that lolcats can't quite spell Pokemon. Pokemon is said to be short for pocket monster. "My Pokemans (pocket men)-let me show you them," is something a sidewalker flasher might say.
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Melanc, if you don't already know of it. See

It has many more lolcats and it regularly updates. And IMO the captions are often better chosen (i.e. not simply repeats of "i'm in ur x, xing your x"
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Originally Posted by Lobsang
Melanc, if you don't already know of it. See
If I don't already know of it? Sure I do! I've worked through their whole archive about a month ago. There's where I googled first for a link, but oddly, it's either nothing at all, or a flood of secondary hits that only perpetuate the meme; I don't seem to be able to find the pokeman cats there.

The phrasing sounds so strange yet vexingly familiar …but you can't quite put your finger on it. Maybe it's exactly this what makes it such a successful meme.
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