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No Touch Mouse Trap By D-Con: How?

Long time lurker, first time posting!

Has anyone used that no-touch no-see mouse trap by d-Con? It looks like an over-sized hockey puck with an opening, and AFAIK, you bait it with whatever you fancy, mouse goes in, and it snaps shut. Then, you just pick it up and toss the whole thing away.
Now, this is what's driving me crazy.
I've done some Googlin' about it, and I can't figure out how it kills the mouse. It claims to kill the mouse 'instantly', but I can't find any sites that displays the inner mechanics of it all. On the FAQ in d-CON's website, it simply states about re-using the trap:

It would be difficult and messy to extract a dead mouse from the trap.
Oh dear.
I initially imagined a little blade spinning around as it snaps shut, and makes Mr. Rodent go the way of Marie Antoinette, but I can't imagine any other 'messy' way it would do the instant death factor.

As a side question, how well would it do on a treadmill?
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I'm guessing, but it's probably just a regular spring trap with a case around it.
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Originally Posted by Little Nemo
I'm guessing, but it's probably just a regular spring trap with a case around it.
Could be, that's something else I didn't think about. A smaller version of the spring trap on the inside that brings the metal bar down very, very sharply and quickly as it spins shut. It would have to happen quite hard, as the trap is pretty small and wouldn't allow a large, wide arc up and back down.
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Electricity? Wow.

Ah, to kill for an edit button.

While I was pondering this, I was so wrapped up in wondering just what the hell it could possibly do in such a small space, that I didn't think of looking up 'mousetrap' in Wikipedia.

This more recent type of mousetrap delivers a lethal dose of electricity when the rodent completes the circuit by contacting two electrodes located either at the entrance or between the entrance and the bait. The electrodes are housed in an insulated or plastic box to prevent accidental injury to humans and pets. They can be designed for single-catch domestic use or large multiple-catch commercial use.
That's probably what it is. As it spins shut, it completes a circuit, and you have fried rodent.

God, now I feel stupid. I was thinking so hard about what the solution could be that I didn't think of using Wikipedia.
Good first posting impression, Lion.. LOL
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From the d-con FAQ
Setting: While holding base of trap, twist top cover in clockwise rotation (in direction of arrow) until it locks. A red indicator will show through the hole marked "Set" on the top of the trap. A mouse entryway will open in front.
Guaranteed, this action sets the spring. When it's tripped, the kill bar, instead of coming from above, comes from the side.

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