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Klaatu Veritas Nikto

The phrase in the title is familiar. I know I've heard it somewhere but when I google it, I keep getting klaatu barrada nikto, which is apparently from the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still. Does anyone know where that phrase came from...or should I stop eating jimsonweed
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Uh oh, wrong phrase
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The phrase in the title is nothing, unless someone, somewhere played with the line from The Day the Earth Stood Still. Klaatu barrada nikto is a Well-Known Phrase from moviedom.

Veritas is the Latin word for "truth," so it is conceivable that someone tried to insert this into the alien phrase for some purpose at some time.

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"In Gort We Trust?"
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I thought it might have been a bastardized version of that phrase. I was in a tattoo parlor getting my tattoo finished and one of the posters hanging on the wall had that phrase. Apparently it somebody's tattoo. I knew that veritas was trust in latin but the other words didn't seem like they came from a "real" language.

And yes, I do trust in Gort. Gotta problem with that buddy?!
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In Evil Dead III, aka Army of Darkness, they mispronounced/paraphrased it as "Klaatu Verata Nikto", which may be why someone decided "Veritas" was a suitable fit.
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This seems appropriate:
Wiseman: When you removed the book from the cradle, did you speak the words?
Ash: Yeah, basically.
Wiseman: Did you speak the exact words?
Ash: Look, maybe I didn't say every tiny syllable, no. But basically I said them, yeah.
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Are you looking for the phrase "in vino veritas"? It's Latin and means "in wine, there is truth".
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It's the intergalactic remix Sting did of the old Police song "Truth Hits Everybody."
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Silly humans.

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